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From Trade License Applications in Sydney to RPL Certification, We’re Your Pathway to Professional Success and Compliance. Personal Trade Licence  Application Assistance in Sydney. Our RPL Certification is accepted Australia Wide. Please contact us for a free RPL check. We have quick turnaround times on most on most of our RPL certification applications.

We guarantee our RPL certification services. No exams or classes.


We provide services for a range of industries.

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Guaranteed RPL Certification & Reliable Trade License application services in Sydney.

Discover a unique approach to high-quality training, RPL certification, and trade license application consultancy services at KMH Training & Consultancy Australia. What sets us apart is our genuine connection with clients, ensuring exceptional and compassionate service tailored to their needs. From comprehensive programs to specialized consultancy, we go beyond the norm to deliver personalized experiences that exceed expectations. Experience expert guidance and unwavering support as we prioritize your success. Connect with us today for a truly exceptional service experience.

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We guarantee our RPL certification process. No exams or Classes.

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We are Experienced in Regulatory Compliance in Trade License applications and RPL Certification

Ensuring full compliance with industry standards and government regulations through our team of seasoned professionals and comprehensive training programs. We make personalised trade licence applications in Sydney suburban areas.

Our RPL Certification process is very simple.

  • First, We do a free skills assessment to determine if you are eligible for RPL Certification
  • Second, We take into consideration your existing qualifications
  • Third, We assess your work experience and skills
  • At the final stage, You are certified. No exams or classes.

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To Be Australia's Premier Hub for RPL Certification, Trade Licences, Training, consultancy Services, Empowering Professionals for a Better Tomorrow.


Providing Unparalleled Training, RPL Certification, and Trade License Consultancy Solutions, Guided by Integrity, Expertise, and a Commitment to Excellence.


We provide a service for a range of industries.

Trade Licenses

A trade license is an official authorization issued by regulatory bodies that permits individuals or businesses to conduct specific types of work or services within a designated area. It acts as a testament to your expertise, ensuring that you meet industry standards and comply with relevant regulations. We make personised Trade licence applications in Sydney assisting you in every step of the application.
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RPL Certification

RPL certification, also known as RPL assessment or RPL accreditation, is the formal recognition of an individual's existing skills and knowledge against specific industry standards or qualifications. Through the RPL process, individuals can obtain a nationally recognized qualification or certification without the need to complete a full training course.
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